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B I O M I D A s.r.o.
Štěpánkova 89
537 01 Chrudim
tel: +420 777 999 119

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Pralinesa - Information

Pralinesa - collectable box of chocolates

We started our firm because we wanted to do things in a different way. Our first product is the Collector´s Box of Chocolates Pralinesa. It is original and quite different from everything available in our country for three main reasons:

  • It contains high quality, Czech handmade chocolates based on brand Belgium ingredients which we call Belgium quality with the Czech heart. The chocolates are sold in a round handmade special box whose design is higly specific and designed for collectors.
  • Its elegant and nostalgic design closely connected with today´s strict hygienic and law rules reminds us of old good times.
  • The original design of the round collector´s box is crowned by hand-drawn picture placed on its top. It brings us the felings of joy, relax and pleasant memories from the childhood.

We wish you when eating our chocolates to feel like being in places you like best.

Yours Pralinesa

As it was mentioned in the introduction we like doing things in a different way and in our work we more follow our feelings than accepted rules. The result of our effort is a small piece of art which connects the skill of our confectioners with the quality of Belgium chocolate, the originality of box makers with the ability of the artist to insert into the drawings everything we are missing nowadays...


The boxes of chocolates are meant as collector´s ones and it is possible to collect the boxes themselves as they are connected with one theme in six various versions. Each box also contains a leaflet to the set of boxes it belongs to.

Collector´s sets:

  • No. 1 Flowers (July 2013)
  • No. 2 Dolls (July 2013)
  • No. 3 Angels (Autumn 2013)
  • No. 4 Prague (July 2013)

Pralinesa - Inside